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Aman ki mosiqi

Aman ki mosiqi

I M Performer

December 6th, 2014

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Aman ki mosiqi [امن کی موسيقي]

(an initiative by I M Performer to restore peace and love.)

We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.

Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 a landmark event in the history of this world which gave mixed experiences to human of both the sides, though divided the land, the people and the resources, but the culture, mindset, music, emotions, love, and peace was immortally undivided between the two nations.

Cultural and linguistic bonds  between the two is much stronger than their religious bonds, therefore, the connection between each other is inherent and intrinsic, something that no political and military power can ever erode.

Contemporarily, wars have been fought since independence, political tensions are present, but the barter of love and emotions in the form of music, culture and festivals has gone on since partition and will go on forever, because the border is on earth, water and air, not on the soul of the people of both the states. Whether it is about “Gulam Ali” or “Munni Begum” or is about “Jagjit Singh” or “Penaz Masani” human from both the sides have crossed borders to find peace, love and respect. Music, by breaking the shackles of cast, creed, religion and nationality travels from the heart of one human to another and pass on the message of love.


Even under the roof of negativity, when the two neighbors meet, they move almost seamlessly into the shared cultural and human ethos. They talk to each other about food, about music, about poetry, about films, about theatre and several other social issues. They share the love, anxieties, discuss, seek advice and laugh at the foibles of politicians. We want to lower the walls so that the conversation continues. We have to nurture the seeds of peace that have nestled, untended, for decades in hostile soil.

Presently, the media of both the countries are showing a positive correlation in diminishing the image of each other. The more they speak against us, the more we are speaking against them which have further worsened the situation. We have several obstacles to establish peace between the nations like matter relating to Kashmir, water disputes or the issue of cross-border terrorism but at the same time we have solutions for them. Government on both the sides, though lack political will to provide an amicable solution to this problem, but some out of them are trying their level hard to bring down the level of cross border tension between the two states. We recognize that setbacks will occur, but these should not derail the process.

A surge of goodwill and flexibility on the part of civil society and music will push these forces back by denying them the raw material that manufactures hate.

For promoting culture, music and peace, our subcontinent need to follow the footprints left behind by the great poets, singers and musicians who raised their standards and showed this world that in spite of all the hatred and terrorism, culture and music has the power to heal the pain of entire civilizations. The one and half billion people of this region are waiting the dawning of an age where culture and civilization will flourish and fruits of peace and love will ripe. This will happen when the music will cross the borders and human of the region will sing in the same tune and rhythm.

This will happen with “AMAN KI MOSIQI (music of peace)”.

We invite human from both the sides to represent as an ambassador of the soul and feelings of the people of Pakistan & India by sharing their poetry, music and singing and other literary works as well as their transnational experiences to let the world know that “we can and we will unite”.


We denote the people by the word “HUMAN” and the language by the word “MUSIC”, reflecting a neutral mindset and upholding humanism against regionalism.  

In this regime, we introduce a virtual Ghazal Cafe where you can enjoy your coffee with the Ghazals of some finest artist of India and Pakistan who have entertained and rejuvenated this world by their magical voice and immaculate performances.

As we have earlier mentioned, we invite you to be a part of this peace regime by sharing your voice, poetry, music and other literary works or let us know about the musical talent you have come across. We assure you to provide a platform to showcase your talent and earn your name.

Let’s sing together music of peace. Let’s sing “Aman ki Mosiqi.

Click Here  to enjoy “Ghazal Cafe”. 



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