Chandrayaan 2 – Soft Landing Music (Hope for the Best)

Chandrayaan 2 – Soft Landing Music (Hope for the Best)

I M Performer

September 8th, 2019

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All is not lost, Chandrayaan-2 not a failed – World Media and Experts

International space experts and media around the world on Saturday called the communication loss with Vikram lander a “partial loss” and said “all is not lost” as the orbiter with key scientific instruments on board is still circling Moon’s orbit.

Here it is, that feeling where you pack your bags quite quickly, tapping your foot to look over that corner for the Uber, finally your’e at the airport. Passing check in and boarding the plane. Sit down buckle up and you just fly away far looking back down at the sleepy night city, distant lights from a room where another looks up at the sky.

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