ERETHISM !! I M Performer

ERETHISM !! I M Performer

I M Performer

September 21st, 2014

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Erethism as the dictionary meaning signifies is, “a state of abnormal mental excitement”.

They strive to give the kind of music that can whisk you away on an extended journey. Music, that can make time feel frozen and the Music that has the power to suggest movement at the same time. It sets to explore how an organized tone creates mystical effect on our senses providing an out let to deep hidden emotions in every individual consequently easing the frustration and soothes stressed nerves. They aim at creating such music that helps you to conceptualize the future, at the same time deals with the present. Music that acts like a vent to your emotions making you cry at one time and the other songs making you feel ecstatic. Thus presenting the music that breaks all division of race, religion, cast and creed.


Erethism Performances

06 August 2012 Muktadhara Auditorium Gole Market
02 August 2012 The Manu Maharani, Nainitaal
12 February 2012 Lodhi Garden
21 January 2011 Corbett National Park Corporate Show Airtel, Outdoor tour
26 February 2011 Starbucks Hamilton House, Connaught Place
15 October 2012 Performed at Chamba Resort Masoori
07 April 2013 DIT University Diversion Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
29 June 2013 Performed At Zebaa GK-II, M-Block Market


Glimpse of Performance






  1. An abnormal mental excitement is being experienced by those who watch and listen to your performances. Many thanks for being with us! Your music is our power!

  2. We look forward to the release of new compositions that will undoubtedly impress our imagination. They attract with their dynamism and energy.

  3. I love performance it’s very interesting to watch how the creative talent of other guys develops!

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