Performer Management


Artist Management

I M Performer, we believe that key to artistic success is identification of talent in early stages, develop it, mold it and manage its flight in a sustainable manner.

Unlike traditional managers, we not only work in the background, arrange shows, manage and administer engagements rather we have moved a step ahead and along with the above jobs we simplify the complex structures of the industry and create healthy businesses for the artist by monetizing the behavior of consumers and those businesses that wish to use creators’ works for their own profit. We simplify the structured digital market and promote the direct artist-to-fan business.


It’s a D.I.Y (do it yourself) era of music. Artist itself is managing all the businesses. From fan relationship management to booking management, from licensing to digital distribution, artists have used their talent to get things under way.

While doing all this alone along with writing, rehearsing, recording, performing music, touring, and interacting with fans will leave them very little time to do much else, and will often cause them to burn out and/or get discouraged when things don’t work as per the plans. Sometimes it leads to compromise with the quality.



In Performer’s Management, We manage/commit:

Being a Music Manager

Counselling and advising Performers (Lyricists, Musicians, Singers, Bands) on all matters related to their music careers.

Being a Business Manager

Arranging live shows, concerts, private/public performances etc. for the Performers.

Being a Finance Manager

Managing their monetary affairs and also assists the Performers, in the areas of assets and investments, savings and taxes (local, state, federal, and International).

Being a Tour Manager

Managing all the details that relate to the entire tour including communications, merchandising, tour routing, catering, hospitality, publicity for the show, as well as assist with scheduling and coordinating both the touring crew and the local venue crew (stagehands, carpenters, riggers, etc.)

Being a Legal Manager

Procuring engagements suiting talent and ability of the Artist, Negotiating with agencies, employers, record companies, publishers, sponsors, Merchandisers and other users and potential users of the Artist’s services and ensuring the protection of Intellectual property rights of the performer.

Being a Marketing Manager / Media Strategist

Will analyze and/or decide

      *  Target media and audiences, and develop stories that ignite thought rather than push paper

      *  Best ways to sell the asset i.e. Performer’s art;

      *  Adding new products and exploiting new revenue streams;

      *  Best Pay models;

      *  Most effective campaigning strategies, which generate the most feedback and results and implementation of the same;

      *  Most effective interaction strategies and implementation of the same;

      *  Trends or patterns develop over a period of time and use them to the best of their advantage

      *  Most useful and relevant  platforms/widgets for reviewing demos

      *  Most resonating/popular Songs, videos, images of the Performer.

      *  Artists’ “super fans” and how to leverage that relationship to generate more sales;

      *  Best ways to engage and interact with the artist.

Being a Social Media Manager

Will manage available individual platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare, Wiki, Blogs, Blog Moderation and Social Bookmarking.  These services are explained in detail in Image and Presence Management.